Davlat Toshev – Master Miniaturist in Bukhara

Painting in miniature traces its roots to its use in poetry books where artists depicted scenes described in the books.

Davlat Buronovich Toshev comes from a long line of miniature painters. After learning the skill from his father, he became the seventh generation of miniature painters. His father taught him the art of calligraphy as well as painting in miniature.

The tradition of miniatures in Central Asia dates back to the reign of Tamerlane (1370-1405). By the early 1700s, Bukhara was noted as the center of miniature painting. 

Davlat Toshev

Today, Davlat’s work shows scenes from daily life in those ancient times, including battle scenes and paintings in miniature using only calligraphy.

Davlat Toshev

Davlat creates miniature paintings on both old and new handmade silk paper, a tradition he says is being revived in Uzbekistan. The tools of his work include a magnifying glass, a variety of brushes and pencils, and both gold and silver leaf. He also uses tempera and natural colors.

Davlat Toshev


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