Oriental Form of the Art – Uzbek Dance

Uzbek dance – is one of the oldest forms of art, which has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries. Since ancient times, the dancers from Samarkand and Bukhara were very popular in the East. Through the dance people pass, not only skills, but also their culture, spiritual values.

Uzbek dance is characterized by its expressiveness, the abundance of movements and facial expressions. It is not only beautiful movement, every dance tells a story of the life and the life of the common people, and beautiful dresses, rich colors and patterns, show commitment to theculture and values ​​of their ancestors.

Uzbek Dance

At the moment, there are two types of Uzbek dance – it’s a classic and folk dance. Classical dance is an art – who taught in dance schools and show it on the stage. In the classical form of the most popular Fergana ( “Kaggi uyin”), Bukhara ( “Dance of the maqam”) and Khorezm ( “Ufori maqam”) school. Folk dance is more free form of dance, which differs cheerfulness, lyricism and diverse. Folk dance may vary depending on the region and each region adds to it its own characteristics, movements, values.

The versatility and rich culture of the Uzbek dance makes it popular in various markets, both national and international. At the international level it is mainly demonstrated by the classic style, which are taught in dance schools to perform at official events, competitions, concerts, festivals, etc. At the national level prevailing folk dances (folk Uzbek dance), which come to life in all of family, village, town festivals. These dances reflect the mood and stay of people.

Uzbek dance is performed in a single style, ie, one person, and the performance of the group. A single style, on the one hand, it seems easier, as there is no need to synchronize actions with partners to translate the beauty of dance, which also makes it possible to improvise if necessary. On the other hand, need a higher skill and imagination to be able to fully convey the meaning inherent in the dance. The group style, we need good coordination and the ability to feel the dance partners.

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