The modern view of the Alai market (Oloy Bazaar)

Alai dehkan market (Oloy Bazaar) in Tashkent is visited not only by the locals but also by foreign visitors. In honor of the 25th anniversary of independence of our country as a result of the reconstruction scale radically changed the face of this market.

The old arch at the entrance to the market with a total area of ​​4 hectares was demolished. When the idea of ​​a new image of the manufacturers take into account the tradition of oriental architecture and modern architecture, special attention is paid to national crafts.

Today, the Alay market has become one of the most beautiful places in Tashkent. Instead of the traditional series of agricultural products built a new pavilion instead 464.

Oloy, Alai Bazaar

In malls special place set aside for the implementation of meat, dairy products and fish, as well as oriental sweets.

An objective picture of the lifestyle of the population, traditions formed mainly on the markets. In our country, the large-scale work on further improvement of public spaces, the creation of facilities for buyers and sellers.

Oloy, Alai Bazaar

The “Toshbozorsavdo” system are 12 dekhkan markets, the wholesale market for agricultural products, 2 specialized market, 6 shopping centers, which are successively rebuilt and acquire appropriate to the spirit of the modern look of the time.

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