Nurata Travel Guide

Nurata was founded as the ancient town Nur, in 327 BC by Alexander the Great. The remains of his military fortress in the south of the town are still to be seen today and the water supply system that Alexander had installed is still partially used.

The town is also famous as a Muslim pilgrimage place. Muhammad Narshakhi, who wrote about the history of Bukhara in 943, provides information about the settlement Nur, located at the foot of the mountain. Narshakhi wrote: “Many people, who are buried there, have seen Prophet Muhammad”. During the 10th century pilgrims from Bukhara and other places came to the holy graves situated next to the town fortifications and mosques. Currently, pilgrims continue visiting the holy places.

Nurata region is reach for recreation areas with mountains, hills and steppes. Untouched nature is a best place for Yurt camping, Buzkashi show watching and camel riding. Also here is great place for tracking and picnics with local food tasting.

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